Harp Lager

At 10.04pm on a dark October night, the Harp Angel caught the ride of a lifetime after ziplining from Belfast's iconic Gasworks clock tower, in a nod to an '80s sci-fi classic. Harp Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/harp?fref=ts
He might not be in Hollywood, but The HARP Angel received the best golden prize of them all!
At last! The Corrs are back and playing in Belfast this Friday. But there's only supposed to be four of them in the band...right?


Not long 'til the Euros start! How's your French? Don't fear, the Harp Angel's here - giving out free lessons between now and then...

Countdown to Summer Campaign

Responsible for launching Harps summer campaign. One video for each day of the week following the clocks changing to British Summer Time