GIRO D'ITALIA ~ Pink Lycra

Project Brief: Low tech style green screen

The East Belfast cycling enthusiasts, bandsmen and celebrities have tactfully adapted Queen’s legendary ‘Bicycle Race’ tune, to tell us that above all – they want to wear “pink lycra shorts” and they want to “wear them tight”

Wendy Austin with Dan Gordan chatting about the project.

With Belfast caught up in Giro D'Italia fever last week, local actor Dan Gordon decided to put some positive 'spin' on the east of the city.

Fed up with the negative publicity surrounding east Belfast, Dan and his actor mate Michael Condron came up with a quirky way of promoting the place in a good light. The pair, who both have close ties to east Belfast, teamed up with Little Giant Films to make a promotional cycling video with a twist. 

Condron, who previously worked with Gordon on the critically acclaimed play The Boat Factory, was the 'star' of the short film, which has notched up over 50,000 views on youtube.

Dressed in pink and black lycra, Condron was featured cycling on a bike against the backdrop of the Newtownards Road, singing his own rather unique version of the Queen hit I Want To Ride My Bicycle.

The video also featured cameo appearances from a number of east Belfast flute bands, MLAs Sammy Douglas and Michael Copeland and local councillor John Kyle as well as personalities May McFettridge and Ma from Give My Head Peace (Olivia Nash).
Dan, who came up with the idea of the parody, said he was fed up with all the bad publicity about east Belfast and wanted to show what the real Newtownards Road was about.

"To be honest, I'm just tired of all the bad press coming out of east Belfast," he said.

"Everyone tends to get lumped in the same category. It's always 'They've just done this and they've just done that', not just some nutter throwing dog poo around some poor guy. 

"I just decided on the spur of the moment to do something that shows the real east Belfast, the real Newtownards Road. It's not just a reaction to the recent goings-on, but to all the bad press we seem to get.

"I was born and bred in east Belfast. My father was a shipyard worker. So I must admit, it hurts me when I hear all this stuff said about the area.

"There's been so much goodwill on the road, especially with the Giro D'Italia. Everyone's been getting into the spirit of it, so I just thought it would be fun to show local people having a bit of craic."